Jenna Lynn


How old are you?

35, born 02/06/1981 ~~ Aquarius

What are your measurements?


5'2" and 100 pounds

Why do you do this?

I was recruited by an agency owner and later decided to operate independently. My initial motivation was to pay expenses while attending university, I continue after graduation because I truly enjoy what I do. I have met amazing people, learned so much, and had incredible experiences, all of which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Do you offer incall?

I don't live alone and the people I do live with wouldn't understand. Once a month, I offer incall, please check my availability page for upcoming dates. If you wish not to leave a paper trail, I am able to rent a room with you incurring costs at any time.

Where is the best place to meet you?

Somewhere that is comfortable with few distractions for you and is safe for me.

What is the best way to set up an appointment with you?

Email is best for setting up the initial meeting. Once we have worked out the details, I will give you my cell phone number and a good time to call or text before we meet. I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep this number to yourself. It is hard for me to answer my phone at times so please be aware that unscheduled phone calls may not be answered but you are always welcome to leave a message.

What distinguishes you from other providers?

I have graduated university and began my career. I rarely drink and don’t use drugs. I am a provider out of real desire and not necessity. I value conversation, forging relationships and providing memorable encounters. I take great pride in my appearance, abilities and acumen and do my best to maintain them. I enjoy learning a man’s needs and desires, both physical and emotional, so that I might serve him best. I provide more of a friendship than the traditional provider-client relationship.

How much notice do you need?

As much as possible! I can rarely make it to same day meetings. I have a lot going on and I have to plan for these things. I don't just show up, I need to be groomed, sparkling, and ready for you. I recommend at least 24 hours notice.

Are you available to travel?

Yes! After many years spent in school, I am ready to get away! My current schedule is very flexible and I have a valid passport. Travel arrangements include providing expenses and an agreed upon daily rate (which is significantly lower than the hourly rate).

Do you have reviews?

I know of a couple on and I am sure there are others out there.

Are you discreet?

Absolutely! I value my own privacy and respect the privacy of everyone I meet. I will never disclose any details of out meeting and unless you are giving a referral or review I would appreciate the same. I also do not keep any type of record which is why I recommend providing me with a heads-up when having someone make a reference request.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not at this time although I am checking into it.

What do you do for fun?

I adore traveling, shopping, cooking, and working out. I have a lot of fun dressing up and going dancing or to concerts. Sometimes, undressing is even more fun! In my spare time I paint in the abstract modernist style (I really doubt you'll be seeing any of my work in the galleries).

Do you see couples, groups, or women?

No, I like the relationships formed with one-on-one conversation and I honestly wouldn't know what to do with a woman.

I love spending time with you, may I bring you a gift?

Of course. I love getting lingerie (32B or XS) that I can model for you. Shoes size 6. Gift cards are great for my shopping addiction. I love candles and perfumes. Anything the color pink, I am a girly girl. (Except a Porsche, I think I would prefer that in black). I don't eat chocolate or any candy, and because of my house mate I am unable to bring home unexplainable flowers, too many questions.

Will you provide me with a reference after we meet?

Absolutely! I have no problem giving you a reference as long as you email me in advance and give me a heads up.